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When should my child move up from Arts Festival to Showcase, Spotlight or Production Team?

Arts Festival is open to students entering 1st through 7th Grade.  Many students choose to stay in Arts Festival until they have completed 6th grade and enjoy participating in higher level classes, taking on more challenging roles, and mentoring younger students in their circle groups or casts.


Tech Theatre Workshop is a great option for students entering 6th through 8th Grade – many have been in Arts Festival but are more interested in learning about behind the scenes work than being on stage.    Our “T-squares” are novice technicians but still participate in Showcase, Spotlight and PT circle groups and master classes.

Some students begin Arts Festival in 1st Grade and when they reach 6th Grade they feel they are more than ready to take on the challenges of Spotlight or Showcase. These students enjoy the mixed-age (6-11th grade) circle groups and Master Classes while typically starting out slowly in smaller ensemble type roles in our productions.

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