What is a tyro:

The word tyro comes from medieval Latin and means “young soldier, recruit, beginner”.   The dictionary definition of tyro today is “a person who is just beginning to learn something, or has very little experience of something”.

Who is it for?

CTE’s Tyros program is a 9 day program open to up to 10 students who are participating in the Showcase, Spotlight or Production Team workshops.  Applicants need to have completed at least one year in CTE before doing Tyros, and it is preferred that they have completed 7th grade. The program offers leadership training as it applies to CTE and other group dynamics experience. The students assist in some group activities with Interns and Arts Festival students.  They get instruction from various CTE staff and faculty.  Tyros is not a pre-requisite for intern applicants, but it is a useful experience for students to learn more about how CTE works and to find out if they might be interested in applying to be an intern in the future.

How do I apply to be in the Tyros program?

Those interested in Tyros should fill out and turn in an application form no later than noon on the second day of CTE.  Application forms will also be available at the Family Orientation Meeting the day before CTE starts, and on the first day of CTE in the office.  If you are unsure how to get a form or how and when to apply, please ask your Circle Group Leader, or any member of staff.  There will be a few short questions on the application form. Instructions for turning in the form are on the application form.


How are tyros selected?

The Tyro director will review the applications and score them according to a rubric.  You must have completed at least 1 year of CTE.   Preference will be given to those who have completed 7th Grade and who have not done Tyros before.

A $50 fee is payable on the first day of Tyros.

When does Tyros start?

The program will begin a few days after the start of CTE and will end when the Arts Festival workshop ends. The exact days Tyros will be running will be on the application form. (A typical schedule is 3 mornings in Week 1, 3 mornings in Weeks 2 & 3, and 2 mornings in Week 4).  Each Tyros session will run from 9:00-11:30am so that the students have a break before their own workshops begin at noon.  You’ll see some 2013 Tyros students talking about their CTE experience and engaging and eating lunch with Arts Festival students in the CTE video on our About Page.