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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a typical day at CTE like?
Check the Arts FestivalShowcaseSpotlight, and Production Team information for daily schedules.

How can I help with my child’s CTE experience?
Parents are welcome to volunteer at the shows! Our Parent Guide gives more detail. You will receive an email from Sign-Up Genius outlining volunteer opportunities once our program gets started.

How are my CTE fees used?
Your fees are used to help pay for rental of our classroom space and performance facilities, rental of equipment such as lights and sound equipment, staff salaries, and insurance.

What is the schedule for the summer?
The schedule of classes will be posted on the website once the season starts.   Our Calendar shows dates and times of recitals and performances.   

Why do I pay a Performance Fee?

The Performance Fee is instead of tickets.  For what you would have paid for just 4 tickets in the past, you can now attend as many shows as you like. CTE will not be selling tickets in 2022. All CTE performances in 2022 will have general admission seating and be free of charge.

Can I video the show?
Photography of any kind is not allowed at the shows because this can distract the students and other members of the audience.   We take photos during the workshops and at dress rehearsals which are then made available to participants via a Flickr website and are free to download from our website.   Photos from prior to 2013 are archived on the website also. The Arts Festival show may be videoed by a professional company and DVDs made available for purchase.  The Spotlight and Showcase productions will be videoed by a professional company if the video rights are available to us – often this is not the case.

What classes do the children take in Arts Festival?
Students may rotate through classes such as art, music, movement, or beginning theatre (called “Storytelling”).

What is an Arts Festival show?
The show consists of several short plays or musicals, interspersed with large group music numbers. Each student participates in one of the plays and all of the larger group songs.   All students perform in all 3 shows.   The final matinee show on Saturday is followed by a celebratory cake!

What do the Arts Festival students wear for the evening shows?

They wear the CTE shirt they received during the season and black pants or shorts. Sometimes parents will be asked to provide small props or costume pieces.

What time should my student arrive for the evening show?
Usually students arrive a half hour before the show starts. 

What is a circle group?
The interns meet in the morning with a small group of mixed-age children for warm-ups and get-acquainted activities. At the end of the day students meet with the same interns for cool-down, quiet games and reflection.

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