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Production Team

What is Production Team?
(6 - 12th grades)

Students will be introduced to all aspects of working backstage, with particular attention to safety and learning important skills.  Students may be asked to climb tall ladders up to the catwalk and the above-stage storage area.  Each successive year in these workshops builds on existing skills, and there will be opportunities for more experienced students in Production Team to mentor the younger students participating for the first time.

Production Team (6th – 12th grades)

Production Team will focus on making the magic that appears on stage and all the behind the scenes work of the theatre.  It’s very rewarding and requires creativity, mental concentration, and physical strength and agility.  Students will also be able to choose one faculty-led class in dance, theatre, music, or art taught daily by CTE faculty members. Production Team culminates in running all aspects of the performances of Arts Festival, Spotlight and Showcase. Production Team students will be scheduled to work at several of the Arts Festival, Spotlight and Showcase performances  (see CTE Calendar for relevant dates). Includes these activities:

  • Set design, building and painting

  • Stage and shop safety (supervised use of power tools)

  • Rigging

  • Lighting

  • Sound

  • Other tasks necessary to put on a production, for example scenery changes.


Duration & Timing:



Tuition Cost: 

Performance Fee: 

This replaces tickets.  Family and friends may attend multiple performances free of charge.

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