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What is CTE?

Creative Theatre Experience, or “CTE,” is a non-profit children’s theatre education program that is the summer home for over 200 students in Olympia, Washington.  We offer fun and exciting workshops in theatre, dance, art, and music, all culminating in age-appropriate stage productions at the end of our summer season.  The entire CTE program and performances are held at Kenneth J. Minnaert Center on the SPSCC Campus.  CTE promotes creativity, builds important life skills, cultivates confidence, and provides leadership opportunities for children and youth entering first grade through high school.


Founded in 1981 by educators Tracey Foster and Lois Wofford, the core of CTE’s workshop staff is still comprised of certified teachers with many years of classroom teaching experience and involvement in the performing arts.  The production experience is enhanced through workshops in the visual, musical, and theatre arts.  The program uses theatre as a mechanism for exploring important life skills such as communication, conflict resolution, respect, empathy, teamwork, and leadership.

Each workshop has its own director, with Kate Fortin as overall  Program Director.  The directors are supported by a staff that assists with the teaching and administrative work.  

CTE is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.  Our federal tax identification number is 91-145-2663.


The mission of CTE is to collaborate with young people to create an environment of respect and compassion where they can discover for themselves their unique gifts and personal worth.

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