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2023 Intern Application Form - due April 30th

Giving Back:

CTE is about actively engaging students in the arts and empowering them to achieve their dreams. The Intern Program was created to enable students to take what they’ve learned in CTE workshops and give back to the program by helping the younger students learn and grow. Interns are paid CTE staff and role models.  Students who are in 9th grade or higher may apply for internship positions.  Prior participation in CTE is preferred but not mandatory. 

Interns work with groups of approximately 10-12 students of mixed ages who are in the Arts Festival program leading circle groups and games.  Interns also work with students in the Showcase, Spotlight and Production Team programs. Interns work closely with the Program Director and other CTE faculty to learn what it takes to become an effective instructor.

Why is CTE so special:

Here is a video that really says it all. Rachel Hodes, a former CTE intern, has given us permission to share a college presentation where she outlines why CTE is more than just a theatre camp. She touches upon the holistic approach that the staff and interns celebrate and spread throughout all the students. Please click play below and hear from someone who experienced the enrichment of CTE firsthand.

Arts Festival Children's Theater
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